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X-Ray: Top-level certification for R-M® National Head Trainers

Rolled out across the world, the X-Ray certification process, dedicated to National Head Trainers (NHT) is a key element in the program to guarantee quality in the R-M training package. Ronny Raeymaekers, manager of the Refinish Competence Center (RCC) in Clermont puts the spotlight on X-Ray.

Each year, at the R-M Academy, the R-M training team welcomes almost 600 trainees in Clermont's new, totally refurbished RCC. R-M attaches the utmost importance to the quality of training delivered to its delegates - which largely rests with the expertise of the trainers. Four Global Trainers based in Clermont provide the training of the National Head Trainers (NHT), the national training managers, who in turn, will train the technicians in each country that are responsible for bringing their expertise to their customers. "We attach particular importance to the training of the NHTs in R-M’s technical expertise, in countries all over the world", explains Ronny Raeymaekers. "Twice a year, we get them together over a period of a week in Clermont, to present new products, new processes and new trends. In addition, we have set up a very strict certification process, in order to ensure that their expertise remains at the highest level, expected of a Premium brand."


Technique, teaching, colors... a very demanding certification process

This certification, named "X-Ray", comprises nine tests, brought together over three modules:

- a technical module based on the implementation of products and processes;
- an educational module based on the quality of demonstrations and academic learning;
- a colors module concerning the knowledge of colors, new color processes and trends.

"Every year, around a thousand new colors appear on the market. New trends appear, like three stage colors and our technicians must not only know how to identify colors and apply them, but also know about new trends and the new processes required to refinish them."



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