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SUPREMETOP CP: R-M’s scratch-resistant clearcoat for automotive refinishing

High gloss retention with reflow technology
International development project

R-M has developed a clearcoat for automotive refinishing. It stands out for its extremely high scratch resistance.

Whether for OEM paintwork or refinishing, the clearcoat on a vehicle serves a whole range of purposes. The clearcoat is the top layer of the automotive finish and provides gloss for the body. At the same time, it has to meet special challenges, such as resisting the effects of sunlight (UV radiation) and extreme weather conditions, as well as industrial chemicals (road salt) and natural biological impacts (bird droppings, etc.). Another important requirement for the clearcoat is that it must continue to be highly scratch resistant even after the vehicle has aged. Driving through the car wash is especially hard on the finish, causing tiny annoying scratches.
After two years of research, BASF’s R-M paint brand had developed a new clearcoat that was specially made for refinishing extremely scratch-resistant OEM finishes. As Dr. Thomas Krüger, Head of Technology Management for Automotive Refinish Coatings at BASF Coatings, explains, “The new product features high scratch resistance, especially after weathering, as well as long-term gloss retention. The clearcoat can even out up to around 80 percent of damages and is also suitable for small damage repairs.” Dr. Sibylle Schöps, project manager responsible for this revolutionary clearcoat adds “This can be attributed to the innovative reflow technology.

We have changed the parameters of the clearcoat in order to obtain the desired results. The clearcoat consists of cross-linked chains of molecules that re-contract after being damaged, thus slowly and fluidly smoothing out the damaged area once again. This means that car wash brushes, for example, leave considerably fewer traces than on standard refinishing coatings.”
The clearcoat complies with the European VOC legislation and is compatible with
R-M’s ONYX HD products. The clearcoat can be applied easily by a bodyshop expert with standard application techniques. Called SUPREMETOP CP, the clearcoat offers a superb level of gloss from the gun and can also be used for spot repair of all areas of the vehicle. R-M SUPREMETOP CP is very simple to use, mixed by weight 100g : 40g : 20g with the new H 802 hardener and standard thinners. Just two coats are applied with flash off between coats. SUPREMETOP CP can be low baked at 60°C and can be successfully recoated and polished, if necessary.
SUPREMETOP CP is the perfect repair solution for all ultra scratch-resistant finishes.

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