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R-M : a new look for a premium brand that upholds its fundamental value

The spirit of partnership

With a modernised 3-D logo, a new graphics charter, and a new advertising campaign, R-M, the mark of excellence in automotive refinish, is capitalizing on its assets to promote the brand's identity and appeal to its customers. The spirit of partnership, one of R-M's core values, is being emphasised in a new and dynamic style, in the company's communications.

The brand is undergoing a facelift by modernising its logo and graphics charter, while remaining loyal to the identity that has been its strength since the company's beginnings.


Change within continuity

"The idea is to modernise and continue to capitalise on a logo that everybody knows and that has earned and reinforced its customers' trust and respect over the years", says Gésine Arend-Heidbrinck, R-M's Head of Communications. Do you know what the letters R and M stand for? They represent the founders, Fred Rinshed and Herbert Mason, who created the automotive paint brand in 1919 in Detroit, at the very centre of America's automotive industry. The famous hexagon
(representing a chemical symbol) remains easily identifiable with its new 3-D treatment. Additionally, the brand's overall design has evolved, placing more emphasis on R-M's teams, their dynamic nature and their innovative spirit.


A new look

"The mark of excellence and a spirit of partnership." With its new look, R-M remains true to its core business, with a powerful expression of the unique nature of this premier brand, which is recognised for its spirit of innovation and commitment to partnership.

R-M's philosophy is expressed through the four pillars of its comprehensive offer: product quality, color expertise, reliability and relevance of services, and targeted training programs. This brand has always placed its customers' businesses at the centre of its strategy. For nearly a century, R-M has been forging strong bonds with customers, founded on trust and an ongoing quest to optimise users' profitability. The logo and graphics charter will appear on all R-M communication media, and will soon be present on the totally revamped website.


Promoting the partnership spirit

In the meantime, the new press campaign will take the lead. The campaign will stress perfection, partnerships with customers and human resource development.

"In this campaign, our strategy is powerful and customer-focused. Using a testimonial approach, we are promoting the men and women who work with R-M, and who, through their talent, make the most of our products and services. We want to further develop the spirit of partnership and the excellent results obtained with R-M, with a goal of always finding the best solution", Arend-Heidbrinck explains. A spirit of partnership for perfect results is the key message in this campaign, capped by the famous slogan "Perfection made simple".


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