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R-M’s initiative to promote a career in automotive refinishing

All the right reasons to benefit from a career in automotive refinishing


The automotive industry offers countless possibilities of interesting careers. The job of automotive refinish painter is relatively unknown. This is why R-M, premium brand of the BASF Group, made a conscious decision to actively cooperate with schools to encourage young talent to join the world of automotive industry. With Master’Art, R-M promotes the job of painter and explains why this job offers such huge potential and will enable those who chose it to take up the great challenges offered by this exciting career.

The techniques used in the automotive industry are constantly evolving and this requires skilled and knowledgeable painters to meet the needs of bodyshops. R-M highlights all the aspects of this career that is becoming increasingly professional: being an automotive refinish painter is not simply a manual job, technicians must know how to use the latest technologies. Moreover, this job provides interesting opportunities for career advancement: painter, then shop foreman, bodywork manager, trainer, French or European manager.


The program: A young painter today, a senior manager tomorrow …

A young painter who has the opportunity to work with R-M, quickly discovers all of the advantages that he can benefit from. As part of the Master’Art initiative, R-M works with local schools and provides teachers with the necessary support according to their needs, effectively transferring professional knowledge tailored to the market and the students.


Master’Art not only provides practical knowledge, it also conveys knowledge of the commercial aspects of the profession to trainees. Painters with sound knowledge can obtain training to become bodywork managers.

“Candidates without a university education are offered excellent opportunities to advance and have a career plan. With Master’Art, it is quite possible to have an international career”, said Kevin McDermott, head of theBASFCoatingsRefinishAcademy. “This initiative was successfully implemented by BASF in the Scandinavian countries, theUnited Kingdomas well asChina. So, BASF is already working with 16 professional Chinese schools that provide this training to young painters.”


Signing with schools - France’s commitment

At the opening ceremony of the R-MRefinishCompetenceCenter, Master’Art was presented for the first time in Europeunder the name of R-M. On that occasion, R-M signed a partnership agreement between BASF Coatings and the Oise Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Apprentice Training Centre (CFA), in which R-M commits to inviting “automotive refinishing”apprentices at the end of their studies, to visit the site and participate in a complementary module at the new R-M training facility in Clermont.


With Master’Art, R-M has new targets to meet in order to remain one of the pioneers in its core specialisation of automotive refinish and repair… which is still attracting the greatest talent!

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