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R-M®'s GRAPHITE HD boosts strength: Higher productivity for commercial vehicles


GRAPHITE HD is R-M's paint line that withstands even the toughest conditions. A whole package of new additions and improved products has now joined this commercial vehicle line, allowing bodyshops and automotive manufacturers to work even more productively. A new primer filler, an improved mixing base, two new mixing bases and three topcoat hardeners ensure better flow and finish quality, offering higher gloss and better environmental compatibility to boot. In addition, R-M's grey shade concept reduces process times and material consumption.


R-M's new GRAPHITE HD MULTI PRIMER FILLER CF P 5520 is the ideal basis for sophisticated finishes. It adheres to a wide range of substrates, including steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel, as well as plastic, and offers excellent corrosion protection. And due to the increasing demand for environmentally compatible solutions, the primer filler for the GRAPHITE HD commercial vehicle paint line is also chromate-free.


A dynamic duo

GRAPHITE HD MULTI PRIMER FILLER CF P 5520 is white. When paired with GRAPHITE HD's CV PRIMER TINTING PASTE, which comes in a range of grey shades, it is very easy to tint. This means that in the CV grey shade concept, it can replace the first step of a two-step color. The primer filler also achieves especially good results when used with the new CV 70M GRAPHITE HD MIXING CLEAR. When teamed up, the two products provide even better flow and bring out the gloss of the GRAPHITE HD colors.
Two new mixing bases are expanding GRAPHITE HD's color range. CV 64 "royal yellow" mixing base has a higher pigment content that provides better finish quality for critical yellows and reduces the number of spraycoats needed in the spraybooth. This saves time and requires less material. And the new CV 78 "pure orange" mixing base allows far more brilliant oranges to be created with higher color accuracy. The package is rounded out by the three new H700, H750 and H770 topcoat hardeners for fast, regular and slow drying.


More power for difficult colors

The GRAPHITE HD CV GREY SHADE CONCEPT offers a whole range of advantages. After all, the better the grey shade matches the substrate, the fewer spraycoats the spray painter needs for the topcoat. This means that colors that used to be difficult to apply in the past can now also be applied in 1.5 spraycoats. For the two-step colors, the grey shades are already indicated in the mixing formula. Alternatively, they can be used as an optional substrate finish for optimizing colors or for providing better edge coverage for problematic parts. R-M's GREY SHADE IDENTIFIER also offers you valuable assistance. With its set of colored foils, it filters out all light components of a color. As a result, only the brightness and in turn, the matching grey shade, are retained.

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