R-M®, is exhibiting an exceptional Buick at the Essen Motor Show | rmpaint
R-M®, is exhibiting an exceptional Buick at the Essen Motor Show

R-M®, BASF's automotive refinish brand, is exhibiting an exceptional Buick at the Essen Motor Show
CARIZZMA effect paints by R-M have turned the Buick into an "automotive reptile"

R-M is exhibiting an extraordinary 1972 Buick Riviera at the Essen Motor Show, which is being held between the 29th of November and the 8th December 2013, to show what is possible with water-based paints. At 5.52 metres in length and weighing 2.2 tonnes, this powerful car produces around 350 hp. But it is the CARIZZMA custom refinish by R-M which makes this car a genuine automotive work of art. 

The Buick Riviera has been since 2005, completely disassembled and passionately rebuilt, having been in the private possession of BASF employee Jürgen Book. The bodywork has been restored and motor and running gear completely overhauled. In cooperation with R-M, the car was then painted "snake-style". The result is "an automotive reptile". The color scheme features a range of reptilian greens, custom painted with gold contrasts.

The Buick has been painted by Gerd Müller, European Champion Custom Painter of the Year 2007, using "CARIZZMA by R-M". This custom paint job has resulted in a stunning, top-quality finish ideally suited to the Buick. "CARIZZMA is an exclusive refinish concept, available in a wide range of colors and effects, and covering all areas of automobile custom refinishing. The range also complies with VOC regulations because it is based on the ONYX HD waterbased paint system," explained Book, who is responsible for refinishing customer service at BASF. 

Several painting techniques were used on the Buick. The vertical panels of the car are specially finished using CARIZZMA EFFECT POWDER PF 65 (Golden Emerald), which changes, dependent on the light conditions, from brilliant green to a deep sea green hue when viewed obliquely. In addition, integrated "Ice Pearls" (CARIZZMA EFFECT POWDER PF 18) provide an intense sparkle. When backlit, the color changes to copper and gold.


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