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The Honda CR-Z Intersection - Automotive haute couture by CARIZZMA by R-M

Honda and Intersection announce Honda CR-Z Intersection – a contemporary car with more than one look. CARIZZMA by R-M developed a specially mixed custom beige paint. The custom-made tyres/rims will come in two options for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Complementing the car perfectly are specially tailored seat covers created by the Anglo-Japanese designers Eley Kishimoto.



Haute Couture pur: The intersection magazine, the only magazine in the world dedicated to "style in motion", has been published in about a dozen countries for over ten years now. The team is fulfilling a long-held dream: a link up with Honda and a joint study in a production car. The Honda CR-Z Intersection demonstrates the magazine’s philosophy in terms of overall design, specific parts and accessories. Discreet lines, elegant colors and a devotion to detail… Customizing on a different level.


The bodywork will show off a specially created beige color from CARIZZMA by R-M and the custom-made rims will come in two collections – black tyres/rims for Autumn/Winter, and orange tyres/rims for Spring/Summer. This will definitely be an haute couture vehicle!


The Anglo-Japanese brand Eley Kishimoto has created a series of seat covers for the interior that are unlike any others in the world. They feature subtle motifs, adding a "Pop" feel to this coupé, which in itself is a declaration of their Japanese love affair.


The official unveiling of the car took place on September 20th in the Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris.






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