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COLORMASTER 4 - THE NEXT GENERATION: Colormaster and Interactive Color Application

R-M presents its Colormaster in the 4th generation at the International Final of the R-M Best Painter Contest and the new Interactive Demo-Application for R-M color tools. Colormaster is recognised as the automotive refinish industry’s best color tool after nearly than 2 decades and now in its fourth generation it is still considered by leading bodyshops as the single most profitable investment they can make in color management.  By offering a new application accessible online via PC and tablets,    R-M helps its customers to simplify the way to choose the right color research tool.



The new Colormaster 4 is the latest addition to the R-M Color Universe and contains a range of color cards covering metallic/pearl colors for vehicles manufactured since 2008 by all the leading manufacturers from Europe, Japan, America, Asia. Every Colormaster 4 card is manufactured in a single batch using the original refinish materials to ensure absolute color accuracy.

By matching the color with Colormaster 4, there is no need to produce a spray out card to check the color, the painter can go straight to mixing the color and painting the vehicle, safe in the knowledge then he will achieve a perfect match making savings in time and materials.

Colormaster 4 comes in a new compact and ergonomic storage case that uses boxes instead of drawers, enabling the boxes of cards to be transported safely and securely.

With the Interactive Color Application, painters can make better use of R-M’s range of Color Search tools, to ensure fast and easy color identification. With its highly intuitive, user friendly interface the drop down menus and videos take the painter through all the options to achieve an accurate color match.

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